Marco Island Salon Hair Color Tips

marco island hair salon tipsTIPS FOR PRESERVING YOUR HAIR COLOR
Whether you have vibrant all over hair color or perhaps just a few highlights, you want your new hair color to keep its beautiful hue long after you leave the hair salon.  Even the very best hair color will eventually fade, but there are steps that you can take to ensure that it will keep its vibrance for an extended period of time.  Here are 7 fabulous  tips that our Marco Island hair salon recommends for protecting and preserving the longevity of your hair color. 

1.     Use a Color-Preserving Shampoo and Conditioner
Strong shampoos that are not formulated for color-treated hair can cause even the best hair color to fade, but a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner can enhance your hair color or highlights.  Many color safe shampoos and conditioners, particularly those that are geared toward a certain shade of hair color, will contain special formulas and color enhancers to protect your hair color and slow down the color fading process.  
Hair color consists of tiny molecules. When you first receive a hair color service, a hair color formula is applied to your hair that will open the hair cuticle allowing the hair color molecules to enter the hair and be deposited.  Once the hair coloring process is complete, the color is rinsed out with cool water, the cuticle closes back to keep the color molecules in the hair.
In order to preserve the longevity of your hair color, the cuticle of the hair needs to stay closed tokeep the color molecules intact.  Heat styling as well as harsh shampoos and styling products can cause the hair cuticle to open and can strip the color molecules from your hair.  Color safe shampoos and products are designed with a special formula that keeps the hair cuticle from being opened. 
In addition to a good, color safe shampoo and conditioner, use hair care daily products that contain  sunscreens and light oils. Keep your hair thoroughly moisturized and protein conditioned! Regular conditioning goes a long way toward preserving hair color and keeping the hair radiant with little product!


One of the best product lines  for maintaining your hair color (and one that we recommend at our Marco Island hair salon) is the Goldwell Dualsenses Green line of products.  The Dualsenses Green True Color range provides instantly visible hair color brilliance for color-treated hair and up to 90% color retention after 30 washes. Goldwell Dualsenses Green True Color Conditioner uses a color preserving formula that provides moisture and seals the cuticle.

The formula contains natural ingredients from 100% certified organic production.  This hair care line is free from dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, silicones and mineral oils, making it ideal for color treated hair and sensitive scalps.  Dualsenses formula also contains aloe vera - known for its amazing moisturizing properties and high vitamin content - and white tea, known for its calming effects and antioxidant protection against free radicals.  Other ingredients are Argan Oil and Sea Buckthorn extract. The Sea Buckthorn extract protects against shine loss and the effects of free radicals, while the Argan Oil nurtures the hair.

2.     Don't Wash Your Hair Everyday
Not washing your hair everyday will not only help preserve your hair color, it will also make your hair less dry and add more shine. If possible, shampoo your hair no more than three or four times a week.  When you do shampoo your hair, make sure to rinse it in cool water, not steaming hot. Cool water will help close the hair cuticle, which will help your hair color last longer. If your hair gets oily easily, use a dry shampoo on days you skip a normal shampoo.

3.     Protect Your Hair from the Sun
Just as the sun can fade fabric, drapery, and other items, the sun can also fade your hair color.   If you plan to be in the sun, our Marco Island hair salon suggests that you wear a hat to protect your hair color from UV rays and sun damage. Avoid going outdoors with damp hair. The sun can be especially damaging to hair color on damp or wet hair that is exposed to harsh sunlight.


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