Marco Island Hair Salon Conditioning Treatments


Heat styling, over processing, temperature changes, time spent outdoors in the sun, as well as swimming in chlorinated pools  can leave your hair feeling a bit dry and bleached out. A healthy deep conditioning treatment can help heal some of the damage from heat and the elements and revive your hair.   Our Marco Island hair salon offers a variety of wonderful deep conditioning treatments designed to repair damage and restore the health, shine, and beauty of your hair.  Healthy hair is beautiful hair!  


Give your hair the ultimate therapy with a Keratriplex treatment from our Marco Island hair salon.  The Keratriplex treatment from Paul Mitchell is a premium blend of isolated proteins that is virtually identical to the keratin found in human hair.  This nourishing formula is applied to your hair to transform weak, broken and brittle strands into pillars of strength. Keratin protein repairs and transforms fine, fragile and chemically damaged hair.   A Keratriplex treatment from our Marco Island hair salon can reduce breakage up to 80% and improve shine up to 35%.   This hair treatment also prevents hair color fade up to 67%.

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We also recommend using high quality sulfate free shampoos, conditioners, and treatments in order to protect the health of your hair.  One of our Marco Island hair salon stylists can recommend the perfect products for your hair type and style.


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